Mom Jailed for Breastfeeding While Drinking

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    Mom Jailed for Breastfeeding

    While Drinking



    A mother of 3 from Arkansas was arrested and thrown in jail for child endangerment after a waitress caught her breastfeeding her 6 month old baby at a restaurant after having drank two beers with dinner.

    Mom, Tasha Adams, and her parents stopped for dinner at Gusano’s Restaurant in Conway Ark., after the funeral of a close family friend.

    The waitress was subsequently fired for calling the police on the mother.

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    Mom Jailed For Breastfeeding While Drinking

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    One Response to “Mom Jailed for Breastfeeding While Drinking”

    1. I’m sorry but this is messed up. When I was breatfeeding I wasnt producing enought and I told the doctor and she TOLD me to drink a beer every night because the yeast in the beer would increase milk production. Plus when consumed the alcohol is filtered same as if you were to feed a person beer battered fish. Free this mom so she can feed her child! You are endangering the child by taking away the only form of food the baby has ever known which even at a young age can cause eatting disorters. Not to minchin the childs amunity suddenly droping which can be so crucial at that age.